‘The reason for out existence...’  - To provide comprehensive quality care and nursing for the frail and aged within an intimate and supportive environment.


What we are working towards and where our energies must be focused
  • To care for frail, aged and convalescing residents with the utmost care and respect they deserve in their twilight years.
  • That the residents and their families experience Dolphin Coast Nursing Home as a ‘home away from home’.
  • That an atmosphere of loving care, service and friendship is experienced between patients and staff.
  • To establish a home for the frail and aged that provides preventative, promotive, curative and rehabilitative care.
  • Preventative: The staff are trained to identify early abnormalities to facilitate immediate treatment.
  • Promotive: To experience the home and fellow residents as their home and new found friends.
  • Curative: The home provides 24 hour nursing care to the frail care.
  • Rehabilitative: The home provides a patient with all the aspects necessary for recuperation like pastoral guidance, psychological assistance, access to family and friends at any hour.


That Dolphin Coast Nursing Home becomes recognized as the most professional and caring frail care home in the Eastern Cape Province

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