Kenton’s protected inhabitant: the blue duiker


Brian Pachonik with this two nature guards, Toto and Hunter, report that they found no snares when they did their round in October 2015. In addition, they found no trace of the caracal that we reported on in the last update.

And the last of the good news is that Hi Tec has not had to deal with any calls about lost dogs, hunting dogs and or threats to wildlife. So, none of these threats that we know of.
That’s the good news.


The sad news is that Brian and his team are finding fewer and fewer traces of buck and other wild creatures. Clearly, habitat destruction is now the main cause of wildlife losses. If you have any suggestions as to what we should do about that, please would you make a suggestion or send a comment to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


About six weeks ago some gardeners were mowing a lawn in the palisaded garden of a holiday home. The owners were away. When the gardeners spotted a blue duiker in the garden they started to try and trap it. They said they were trying to catch it to release it. A neighbour stopped them, and ordered them out of the garden to give the animal time to find its own way out of the garden during the night through a gap in the chicken wire around the bottom of the palisade.

Very sadly, someone else with very good intentions entered the garden later that day to try and catch the animal. It was chased until it collapsed. It was then taken to the vet who tried to revive it. Very sadly, it died during the night. The vet’s comment is that these little creatures die of stress and exhaustion. This little one had been frothing at the mouth. If you are trying to rescue them or save them, DO NOT CHASE THEM. Be aware that you might kill them.Try to find another solution if you can.


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