31 October 2014

Dear Kenton on Sea Property Owners,

With the KOSRA financial year end on 31 October fast approaching, below is a short report by your Committee on issues of interest to all Kenton Property Owners.

Your committee has continued to carry out numerous routine maintenance services including bush and path clearing, handrail and step repairs, and public garden upkeep. This has been achieved through the efforts of dedicated KOSRA members and using the local garden service providers, paid for out of KOSRA funds.

After another year of frustration in trying unsuccessfully to co-operate with Ndlambe Municipality to improve their poor service delivery, your Committee has finally decided, together with Bushmans/Kariega Estuary Care and Natures Landing Homeowners Association, to take legal action against Ndlambe and its directors to enforce them to comply with legislation governing their responsibilities. Bushmans Ratepayers Association has declined to participate in the action. Papers are being finalised to launch an Application in the Grahamstown High Court for orders relating to:

  • The illegal, overflowing, poorly managed and toxic refuse dump.
  • The regular contempt of an existing court order by allowing repeated sewage spills into the Bushmans River.
  • The consistent failure to respond to repeated communication.
  • A special order that the relevant officials pay KOSRA's costs personally, as it would be manifestly unfair for these to be paid out of municipal funds (which are our rates). Full details of the entire legal process will be reported on at the KOSRA Annual General Meeting to be held at the year end. We believe that if we succeed with this action, it may persuade the Ndlambe officials to comply with their obligations in future.

You will recall that in the 2013/4 financial year we established a Legal Action Fund to be used for the court action contemplated above. Many of our members responded generously to this appeal and the fund now totals R85 800 (which has been ring-fenced). KOSRA's share of costs to date is R30 000, but it is likely, before this action is completed, that they could exceed the remainder of the fund. Please indicate, in a short email (to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) whether you would be prepared to contribute to the legal fund should we need additional funds to continue with the action.

Click here for our membership renewal invoice for members to renew their memberships. We ask that those ratepayers who are not members of KOSRA join the Association. The more members we have the more influence we will have in our negotiations with Ndlambe.

Annual General Meeting.

Please note that this will take place on 24 December 2014 in the Kenton Town Hall at 10h00.