Dear Kenton Ratepayers.

KOSRA continues to find ways of improving relations with Ndlambe. It is very difficult to do anything in our community without their support.

I had a meeting with Mayor Tandani on Thursday last week who confirms his wish to work with KOSRA and said that he would be speaking to his Directors at his next budget meeting.

He has been copied on all communications with his Directors and is therefore aware of the fact that they don’t respond to any form of communication.

Since then the Municipal Manager has told me that he would like to meet with me after the Easter break.

I have already had a meeting with the Director: Community Services who has said that she too would like to work with us. We have a meeting planned for 3rd April to discuss the most important issues we would like addressed, and recent communications from the department.

We will keep you abreast of developments as they unfold.

We have ring-fenced the money we raised for legal action, but are holding back on resorting to the legal route before we have exhausted all other avenues. It is possible that knowing we have this fund has made them keener to work with us!!

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