For a very long time KOSRA has tried to introduce recycling in Kenton. Time and time again we have attempted to work with the Ndlambe officials to start a meaningful process but to date have achieved very little. The main problems are a lack of managerial ability and resources in the municipality and problems with the final waste disposal site, viz the very large site located near the Marcelle township. The Marcelle site has been a problem for a long time. Firstly it is an illegal site (it has never been approved as a site for solid waste disposal) and secondly it has never been properly managed. Constant burning and the general mess and pollution emanating from the site have prompted the Natures Landing Residents and Homeowners Association and KOSRA to embark on a legal route to coerce Ndlambe to deal with the problem. Proceedings are at an advanced stage and we will report progress in due course.