The minutes of KOSRA’s meeting of 24 July 2014 makes sobering reading.


Town hygiene and maintenance

Due to the Ndlambe Municipality’s lack of resources and inability to keep our town properly maintained, KOSRA , at its own cost, has appointed Busy Bee and Kenton Garden Services to keep public garden spaces clean and tidy. Particular attention is given to keeping pathways cleared, ensuring that pedestrian walkway handrails are in good order and that public toilets work efficiently. We finance and maintain our own bush cutting and weed eaters

KOSRA has canvassed two contractors to refurbish the town toilets. KOSRA will pay the costs.



Quality of water in Kenton’s two rivers

KOSRA is concerned about water pollution in both rivers and has therefore asked a locally based biological regularly test and monitor the quality of river water. This will be done quarterly in partnership with Estuary Care. The costs involved will be shared between KOSRA and Estuary Care. This monitoring is particularly important not only from a health and safety standpoint but also to ensure that our treasured Blue Flag status is maintained.



Road surfaces and potholes

As a result of a prompt from the, Ndlambe Ratepayers Forum, KOSRA has identified for Ndlambe the worst pothole areas in the town. Some repair work has been carried out but it remains to be seen whether Ndlambe will complete the task to our satisfaction. Our roads in Kenton are in a disgraceful state of disrepair and Ndlambe’s stock answer on any rectification plans is ‘no funds are available in the current budget’.



Year-end activities

KOSRA is planning ahead for the forthcoming festive season. The question of liquor/glass on the beaches, in the car parks and litter in the streets has again been raised and discussed with Ndlambe. Of serious concern is Ndlambe’s inability to to clarify the local authority’s policy with regard to the legality of the consumption of liquor in public areas. The law is quite clear on this matter: the consumption of liquor in public places is prohibited but it appears that Ndlambe and the SA Police Services lack the political will to enforce the bylaws governing this issue. The KOSRA committee in conjunction with Estuary Care will again ensure that proper plans are developed to minimise and hopefully eliminate glass and garbage pollution in Kenton over the holiday period.

KOSRA’s Christmas lights are now unusable. The Chamber of Business is planning to deploy certain lights in Central Park and the gazebo areas. KOSRA is to meet with the Chamber to see how KOSRA could assist with lights, and the Chamber’s other activities around Kenton.