Recycled material is being collected on Tuesdays in Kenton and Merry Hill and on Mondays in Bushman's.

While this process is working well, government support for this project has dried up. It is therefore imperative that everyone recycles so that we get the volumes through the recycling depot to make it viable.

In order to get started please buy your clear bags from Kenton on Garage, Spar or Build-it. Use these to put your recycled material into and when full place them on the road with your black bags to be collected.

Glass can either be taken to the recycling depot at Spar or the Industrial site.

The materials should be recycled are:

  • Cans – Drink cans, food tins
  • Cardboard – Cereal and other food boxes, long life milk and custard boxes, juice boxes, egg cartons.
  • Plastic – Milk sachets, plastic bags, detergent bottles, yogurt containers, fruit & vegetable containers.
  • Paper – White paper only, office paper, mail, shredded paper.
  • PET Bottles – Beverage bottles, milk bottles.
  • Newspapers & Magazines – Including inserts and brochures, telephone books.
  • Garden Refuse - contact W.O.T. Compost (082 372 2697), or take to the chipper just past Build-It at Bushman's Industrial area, operating hours: Monday-Saturday: 08h00-16h30.

Thank you for your support.