The recycling initiative in the Ndlambe municipal area (and 4 other areas) is an IWARS initiative funding by EU funding . This initiative is one of 50 projects in the country funded by the same EU fund which is managed by National Treasury and the DTI. Unfortunately due to problems between Treasury and the DTI not one of the 50 projects has received funding since at least January 2017. The recycling initiative last received funding in June 2016 and by that time not one of the individual recycling entities had reached viability. Without further funding to procure additional assets, these entities will not be sustainable. So since June 2016 all the entities have been struggling to stay afloat. Management of IWARS have used their personal funds to assist but this is also not sustainable.

Currently collections are still been done in 4 of the 5 municipal areas, including Ndlambe but processing thereof has slowed down due to a reduced staff compliment at each entity. IWARS is constantly in touch with the DTI to obtain an update on the issue which we were recently advised has been escalated to national parliament.

At present residents can continue separating at home and collections will be made once the baler’s electrical cable which was stolen last week is replaced which we hope will be within the next 2 weeks. Then collections will resume on Mondays and Tuesdays. The truck has been fixed so hopefully it will continue to function. In the meantime, residents and businesses can take their recyclable to Bushmans Recycling in Bushmans (1st building on LHS in industrial area). The municipality promised on numerous occasions that they would pull the trailer for recyclables but we still waiting for a start date.

Bushmans Recycling have 30 tonnes of crushed bottle glass ready to be transported to CT. We just waiting to secure transport – someone who will accept payment afterwards, and we need to replace the stolen forklift battery