To all Kenton Home Owners and Residents,

Security and the protection of our property are paramount to all of us.  For this reason, KOSRA (Kenton-on-Sea Ratepayers Association) has re-focused its security portfolio in an effort to further improve the success of crime prevention in this area. We are writing to update you on these changes and to request your support in of our efforts as we work towards our goal of zero crime in our various communities.


A New Leadership Team

Andrew de Jager was the driving force behind galvanizing our security initiative. He has put considerable energy into ensuring that we have the infrastructure in place to provide the security necessary to allow residents and visitors to enjoy a secure stay in Kenton. He has decided to step down as the leader of this team. We are very grateful for his contribution.

We have appointed a new security portfolio team, headed by Mark Moses to oversee security and crime prevention.  Mark has a great deal of experience in establishing and managing residential security schemes having been responsible for these portfolios in Dunkeld and Melrose, Johannesburg.  Mark is a Senior Captain at South African Airways and has been a permanent resident in Kenton for the past two years.

Ross Swarts who will be known to many of you, has lived in Kenton for a number of years and has business interests in the local tourism industry.  He is hugely community focused and has achieved a great deal of success through his involvement in fighting crime in our area.  He will be responsible for the management of the neighborhood watch as well as daily operations of security.

In all well functioning teams, an efficient and responsive secretarial function is essential.  It is difficult to explain the enormous amount of administration which is required to happen in the background in order to implement and manage the various response initiatives.  In this regard, Redmond Taggart will hold the position of Secretary and Administrator.  Redmond has owned a house in Kenton since the millennium and moved to Kenton last November after a successful career as a professional civil engineer.  He was a community leader for many years in his previous home in Midrand, Johannesburg.

Most importantly, for this team to succeed, we need the support of all homeowners and residents.  Security is a multi-faceted function and in order to be successful, we need to become proactive and less reactive, preventing incidents before they happen. Many residents and homeowners have generously supported security initiatives and crime has been held at levels well below the national average.  We appeal to those folk to continue with their financial support of KOSRA.  Our challenge is that there are a number of residents and homeowners who are not willing to contribute but do enjoy the benefits of those who do.  If we could spread the load across the broader community, the burden would not rest on only a few loyal supporters as it currently does.


Our Current Initiatives

At present we have an established camera network proving surveillance of key entry points and certain main arterial routes in the town, with the support of Hi-Tec operations.  The system used broadband to relay images to the monitoring centre.  Due to the geography and topography of the area, the signal has to be ‘bounced’ between a number of different aerials which affects the quality of the image and is not as effective as we need it to be.

The neighborhood watch are a group of selfless and dedicated folk who, in their own time and with their own resources, patrol the streets of the area at all hours of the day and night.  They certainly deserve our accolades for their commitment to the broader community and their presence undoubtedly deters criminals.

Hi-Tech remain central to our combined security effort. Regular and constructive meetings are held with them and they continue to install and provide monitoring the security cameras.  We retain a good working relationship with the South African Police Service and in fact, none of our operational activities are carried out without the SAPS involvement.


Key Focus Area for the Immediate Period

Improve and Expand Camera Network

The camera initiative has proved very success so we will continue with it.  Our objective is to improve our coverage and the quality of our monitoring capability.

Guarding over the Holiday Period

Guards on the beat are very effective over the holiday season when the number of people in Kenton increases substantially.  Raising the funds we require to deploy a network of additional guards is a key focus and further communication to solicit your support in this will be sent out closer to the holiday period.


When homeowners and residents contribute to the Security fund, understandably they would like to know how those funds are being utilised and receive regular feedback on the success of the efforts of the team. 

Currently funding is channelled in the following ways;

  • Armed Response through Hi-Tec
    This is your individual security armed response which you elect to have or not and you manage the relationship with the service provider.

  • The Camera Fund
    This fund has been used to source and install monitoring cameras and establish an operations control centre at Hi-Tech.  It is funded in one of two ways;
    • -  once-off voluntary donation and a R30 per month contribution currently collected through the Hi-Tech billing system,
    • -  annual voluntary contribution to KOSRA (however contributors need to specify what portion of the contribution would be allocated to security, failing which funds are automatically allocated to other KOSRA initiatives).

  • The Guarding Fund
    There is a voluntary contribution which may be made and which provides additional guarding over the April and December/January periods.

    The team has identified that in order to successfully fund proactive security efforts in our area, the funding system will need to be simplified and better organised.  Currently this is a key focus area for the team but it will take time to conclude the consultation with all parties and ensure we have the right system in place to manage funds transparently.  We would like home owners and residents to continue within the current funding structures for the remainder of this year.


It is our intention to communicate regularly with the Kenton community on security issues and to keep you all breast of latest developments.


Making your Contribution

Residents who would like to continue contributing to Security or should you wish to start contributing but are unsure how to make their payment, should contact Redmond Taggart at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 082 450 2320.

We will be sending out invoices and membership forms shortly, which will stipulate how your contributions will be allocated. We look forward to your continued support.



Simon Oliver & Mark Moses

Kenton on Sea Ratepayers’ Association