On Wednesday 31 August 2016 Ndlambe’s Director of Community/Protection Services, Ms Nombulelo Booysen-Willy invited Kenton residents to a Public Participation meeting in the Town Hall. The purpose of the meeting was to provide information and obtain comment on Ndlambe’s plans to deal with waste disposal going forward.

As a result of an investigation by IKAMVA (a business development agency) regarding a waste management licence for the Marselle dumpsite, Ndlambe had recently received a report which stated that the site could not be licensed for its present use and that Ndlambe should obtain a licence to ‘decommission’ the site. Ndlambe had applied for this licence and it was granted in March 2015. The site is now closed and refuse is being trucked to the dumpsite in Port Alfred. Complying with the legal requirements of this closure will take 18 months and cost between R6 and R8 million.

The meeting was addressed by Mr Johan de Wet, a civil engineer advising Ndlambe on the choice of a new dumpsite, the necessity of purchasing new trucks to cart refuse from Kenton to Port Alfred, and the possible need to buy a new compressor to compress the rubbish.

The meeting was also addressed by Mark Price of IWARS (Integrated Waste and Recycling Services) from Port Alfred. IWARS has established a recycling depot in the Bushman’s Industrial Estate – first property on the left as you enter the area. The site has been outsourced to proprietary company run by Ms Nosipho Manone. In addition, IWARS runs a small ‘buy back’ centre in a container in the parking ground to the west of Spar.

The message from this meeting was loud and clear ‘recycle at source!’

It is essential, firstly, in order to save money. Our rates can be more profitably used on other costs if we do not have to fund the purchase of a compressor, trucks, petrol, and the opening up of new landfills. Mr de Wet told the meeting that the cost of opening a new landfill site is between R10 and R12 million. A compressor costs R5+ million, transporting refuse to Port Alfred is expensive, and the Port Alfred dumpsite also has a limited life span. Secondly, landfill sites are few and far between. And last, but by no means least, it is essential for the environment. We have to act sustainably. If we recycle plastic it does not get into the rivers and into the sea; it does not blow across the land, stick on the fences, nor get eaten by the cattle.

Household waste: This is what you must do!

Collect all the items EXCEPT THE GLASS in the picture below and place them in a clear plastic bag.


recyclingHave a care for those who must separate the items. Wash the tins, plastic bottles and bags that contain smelly perishables. Use dishwater before you drain the sink.

When the bag is full, put it on the pavement on the same day as you normally put out your rubbish. You need not put out a bag every week. Clear plastic bags are expensive.

Left: Recycling at source drastically reduces the amount of refuse for removal

An IWARS truck will come round to pick up the bag and take it to the recycling depot in Bushman’s.


By mid-October 2016, the High Court has ordered Ndlambe to prepare a site next to the library (on the eastern side) for the reinstatement of two skips: one for recyclables and one for ‘disposable waste’. Ndlambe is build a barrier around the site, see that the skips are emptied regularly and the area is kept clean. Please do not use the two skips for anything other than what they are intended: one for recyclables in clear bags, and the other for refuse

Buy back centres

Alternatively, you can sell you rubbish at either the depot in Bushman’s or the one outside Spar.


What to do about glass

Do not put glass into the clear bag with all the other items for recycling. You can leave glass bottles at either the ‘buy back’ centre outside Spar, or you can take it to the depot in Bushman’s. Prices are listed at both points of sale. IWARS has plans for computer touch screen equipment that will weigh the items and print out a slip of how much is due to you. IWARS also had plans to buy a skip that will have a special chute for glass. KOSRA needs to hold a meeting to find out from residents where they want to place a glass-collecting skip. Residents can submit a proposal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What to do about batteries, light bulbs and ink cartridges

Take them to Pick and Pay in Port Alfred or Grahamstown

What to do about garden refuse

There are two places where you can take it: to Wot Compost at River Roost on the Grahamstown Road, or to a new depot outside Build It in the Bushman’s Industrial Estate

What to do about building rubble

This is a difficult and expensive problem. Johan de Wet has identified a site on the north western side of Kenton crossing. It is a natural landfill and it used to be used long ago.

Mark Price has this warning for the residents of Kenton

‘If residents put out their recyclables we will send out the truck. We need full trucks otherwise it is not viable to do so.’

Article and photos by Glenda Webster

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