Dear Members

I refer to a recent posting on this website which explain the view the the Trustees on the Boesmans Kariega Trust regarding the moving of the plaque commemorating the death of a young pilot off  Shelly Bay.

George Poole who raised the issue at our AGM has asked to put his view forward. To be fair I have allowed both parties to express their views on this issue.

I do not think that this is a Kosra issue so if you would like to comment on the moving of the plaque please do so by either writing directly to George Poole (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Gill Fogarty (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

This is an issue between the Trustees of the Trust and George Poole, a previous Chairman of the Trust.  Although residents have no legal rights to the property on which the plaque has been placed your views may help in resolving this disagreement.


Dear All who have an interest in Kenton and Boesmans,

The Boesmans Kariega Trust (“BKT”) was formed more than 20 years ago to purchase and own Erf 4 Kenton-on-Sea, which surrounds Shelly Bay, and is zoned for a tea room.  Its constitution provides: “The objects of the Association are to preserve, care for and keep in trust on behalf of the people who have an interest in the Boesmans Kariega area such property as may be entrusted to it or registered in its name from time to time.” The term “pristine” appears nowhere in its constitution.

About 20 years ago, the then committee gave permission to an Italian family to erect a plaque on the property to commemorate the fatal air crash which occurred just off Shelly Bay, in which their daughter was killed.

At a meeting in October 2017, a majority of the committee of BKT (“the four”) decided to remove the plaque. It was removed and stored in Chester Wilmot’s garage. The four were subsequently persuaded to return it to the property, but instead of putting it back in its original place, it was put at the very end of the western headland of Shelly Bay, tucked behind a rock.  

From the number of enquiries on the WhatsApp site Kenton 365, the e-mails I have received, and the unanimous view expressed by all who attended the KOSRA AGM, it appears that the vast majority of people interested in this area are unhappy at the relegation of the plaque to a remote position.

As the committee of BKT hold Erf 4 for all the people who have an interest in this area, it is important that they know the views of their constituency. Please therefore indicate whether you believe that the plaque should be left at the end of the headland or whether it should be returned to its original position by sending a short e-mail to me at george.13.poole@gmail .com. I suggest that you just say either “Leave” or “Return.”

Unfortunately, I have been denied access to the Estuary Care website to post a similar request, by the chairman of Estuary Care (who is also one of the four). Please therefore pass this message on to as many people as you know who are not members of KOSRA but still have an interest in the Boesmans Kariega area, so that we may gain as wide an indication as possible from BKT’s constituents of what they want done with the plaque.

In case you are wondering what my involvement in this matter is, I was chairman of BKT from 2008 until I resigned in October 2017. I did so, as I was unhappy with the decision to remove the plaque, for 2 reasons. It was reneging on the agreement reached 20 years ago between the Marinelli family and BKT. I also believed that the plaque was as much a part of the history of this coast as the wreck of the Volo and Diaz Cross. I did not know then, but have since learned, that the plaque has become a kind of icon which many people who visit Shelly Bay like to see and pause to read again. I therefore believe that I have a residual duty to ensure that the wishes of the people who love Kenton and Boesmans are respected.

George Poole

10 January 2018.




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