Potholes in Kenton

Potholes in Kenton

Apart from the damage that lorries and builders’ trucks do to our roads in Kenton the general state is pretty dire! So in accordance with our brief “to watch over the interests of our members regarding the activities of local government; to protect, maintain and...
Kenton’s court case

Kenton’s court case

You may recall that, in 2014, after repeated instances of serious pollution from fires at the rubbish dump in Marselle and of overflows from the sewage tank into the Bushmans River, KOSRA, with Estuary Care and Natures Landing, launched an application to the High...

Watching over the interests of residents & property owners in
Kenton-on-Sea and Ekuphumleni.


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We aim to watch over the interests of its members regarding the activities of local government.


Join us and help maintain and improve amenities of Kenton-on-Sea for the benefit of  residents and visitors.  

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