Invasive alien plant species update

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Blog | 4 comments

Madera vine is on the rampage! We appeal to all residents to please check your garden and spray when necessary. Thank you

Anredera cordifolia

Originating in South America, it was once cultivated in gardens. It creeps and crawls along the ground and suffocates anything in its path!


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  1. What make this a very difficult invader to eradicate is that is spreads via the aerial tubers produced along the stems and vegetatively by tuberous roots and creeping underground rhizomes. Treatment needs a combination of spray and continuous collection of any tubers which fall to the ground. It’s important not dispose of this plant material in compost heaps or dump sites.

  2. Despite commenting last time on the proliferation of Madeira Vine on the vacant plot at 16 Smith Street, absolutely nothing has happened. I have paid to have my side of the property sprayed but to little avail. Clusters of nodules are falling from the top of the trees onto my property. When will the owner of the property be held liable? Where is the Municipality in this now public matter?

  3. We should view this Invader as extremely dangerous and it should be eradicated immediately from ones own garden, and we should inform any neighbor who has a holiday home and could be unaware that the vine is on their property, that they should get it eradicated asap ,

  4. I have been doing my very best to eradicate this invader for 25 yrs. It is like the coronavirus the whole town needs to participate in its destruction. I see it growing in the vegetation along the river. It is very easy to see it at the moment because of the flowering of the creeper but the tubers are things that enables this plant to thrive. It is a very difficult to destroy and people just put it in the compost. One has to put it in a plastic bag and to rot. Have to keep it in ones property until it is a black mush and NOT throw it in the rubbish. Have done that so many times but still have it in my garden. One has to supervise its destruction.

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