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by | Oct 26, 2020 | Blog | 6 comments

KOSRA has had the benefit of the services of George Poole as Chairman since September 2019. George has worked tirelessly on the many issues that affect Kenton and has shown exceptional commitment which KOSRA has highly appreciated.

Readers are advised that George Poole has resigned as Chairman and as a member of the Committee with effect from 19 October 2020. The Committee regrets but respects his decision.

The Committee would like to emphasise that KOSRA is a community organisation that supports the interests of all residents of Kenton-on-Sea on an equal, fair and cordial basis. As such, KOSRA continues to favour a cooperative and discursive approach to issues that affect the community where ever possible. Our doors and our minds are open and we welcome constructive input and support from residents in our endeavours on behalf of the community.


  1. Please pass on our grateful thanks for George’s tireless efforts on behalf of all ratepayers.
    It is a difficult task in today’s lack of performance by virtually all Municipalities.
    I sincerely hope that someone as strong-minded as George will pick up the reins and continue the great work by Kosra.

  2. Sorry to hear about George. In particular he did a great job regarding the proposed garage.
    Who are the KOSRA committe members?

  3. As a holiday home owner we are always grateful for the sterling work KOSRA does to ensure all is well in our beloved Kenton on sea.

  4. Thank you, George, and your committed team for your dedication to KOSRA. Greatly appreciated !

  5. Very sorry to hear this. George has made such an excellent Chairman and will be sorely missed

  6. Thank you George for your incredible Dedication, research and communications with us Membership of KOSRA.

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