Let’s make Kenton “Dorp van die Jaar”!

by | Feb 27, 2019 | Blog

Dear ratepayers of the unique and tranquil village of Kenton-on-Sea!

Just in case you haven’t heard: “Our village is in the Eastern Cape semi-finals!” Shout it from the roof tops please so everyone can vote for us to become ‘Dorp van die Jaar’; for those non bilingual peeps that’s ‘Village of the Year”.

So get your specs out and watch the show on kykNET – TV channel 144 – on 3 March at 18:00.

After which you’ll need to get your SMS fingers twitching to vote for KENTON-ON-SEA!

Voting will be open until Friday 8 March and amazingly you can vote as many times as your pocket will allow! It’s R1.50 per sms!

Kenton’s tourist trade keeps Kenton afloat! Being crowned ‘village of the year’ will boost, not only our morale, but hopefully our media profile too!

AND when we win the Eastern Cape sector we’ll be pitted against the other eight regional finalists AND when we win that (ever the optimist) kykNET will film a 45 second advert of Kenton and allocate R1 million in airtime to broadcast the ad! VOTE KENTON-ON-SEA!

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