New Chairman lights the way for KOSRA

by | Dec 9, 2020 | Blog | 5 comments

The KOSRA Executive Committee wish to advise that KEVIN VAN HUYSSTEEN was elected as the new Chairman of KOSRA at a meeting held on 1st December 2020.

Kevin van Huyssteen is a practicing attorney and property owner in the Kenton-On-Sea area who has provided services to KOSRA since 2012 and is well-acquainted with the functions and purpose of KOSRA and the dynamics of Kenton-on-Sea.


  1. Good day
    Congratulations Mr. Kevin van Huyssteen on being elected.
    I just want to know if there is any explanation on what will be regarded as beaches in the coming few weeks. Wil people be able to use the river banks and rivers in these weeks or does that also fall under “beaches” that will be closed in this time. We have a house in Kenton which my grandmother bought in the 50’s and always spend a few weeks in December. We just want to decide if we should rather come in January.

  2. Hi
    With regards to the recent speech from the President it is clear that all beaches in the Eastern Cape are closed. This is devastating news for those who are travelling to enjoy a bit of sun and sand. Why can’t the beaches in the EC be closed on certain days as was stated in KZN.
    Does the rule apply to rivers and boating and fishing. This is so sad for all responsible
    citizens who must suffer because of others selfishness.

  3. Congraulations Kevin – delighted you are heading up Kosra 🙂

  4. Good luck and smooth sailing !
    Thanks for stepping up.

  5. Welcome Kevin Van Huyssteen. Good to know we have a Chair who knows the issues that challenge Kenton and it’s Resident’s. Good luck to you.

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