Pick it up – dog poo!

by | Feb 10, 2020 | Blog | 2 comments

If you’re dog poos please pick it up!

Is the stinginess of dog owners in direct proportion to the number of dogs they have?

Many dog owners believe they’re free to let their dog poo anywhere they want without picking it up. Often when people try to remonstrate with them they are met with hostility and resentment.

KOSRA has been trying hard to change the culture on the beaches and pavements of Kenton.

As a first step we:

  • Put signs up on the walkways to the beach on Westbourne Road.
  • Purchased 200 rolls of biodegradable poo bags at a cost of R30 per roll of 18 bags.
  • Advertised that the bags were available at the House Planner in return for a donation.

To date approximately 100 rolls have been taken and hopefully used. The total donations were the princely sum of R780. One kind and generous sole donated R300! The other 99 rolls totalled R480! That’s a donation of R4.80 a roll!

I rest my case!



  1. Thank you for this initiative KOSRA. Dog owners will be making a great contribution by participating fully to keep beach and rivers clean! Thank You

  2. Keep at this initiative KOSRA – behavioural issues like this take a long time to change. Steady persistence from all of us who know the “no dog poop ” is a better way to live, will eventually win the day.

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