Proposed garage at the entrance to Kenton – Survey Results

by | Aug 31, 2021 | Blog, Building and Town Planning

Thank for taking the time to complete the KOSRA survey on the proposed garage at the entrance to Kenton. We needed to hear your views on this controversial subject – the results of which are published below.

More than 600 people completed the anonymous survey and the corresponding KOSRA Facebook post elicited more comments that any other post to date!


Over 170 comments from the survey itelf.  Some included:

“There is no reason a service station is needed here. There is one in Kenton and it services many of the locals. Kenton is a small town and it should stay that way. Plus, they need to consider the environmental factors.”

“Please fight this development”

“Most of the time the que at the garage is long sometimes you have to wait in the street, that is even more dangerous and holding up everybody else. Especially in December. And we need more developments.”

“Can’t it be at Bushman’s next door to the Fire department?”

“I support community development programs that will create job opportunities for the locals.”

‘This is a great idea!! Let it be built.’

“The R72 is dangerous, it is a blind rise and speeding is already a problem. An accident waiting to happen, many deaths to follow.”


More than 600 people responded to our survey.  Herewith the results:


The corresponding KOSRA Facebook post elicited more comments that any other KOSRA post to date!

What will KOSRA do now? Watch this space …


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