R343 safety warning

by | Dec 8, 2021 | Blog

R343: Kenton crossroads to Makhanda

A recommendation from KOSRA, BRRAG and Kenton/Boesmans Chamber of Business and Tourism

Please be aware of the poor condition of the road (R343). The road is littered with many large and dangerous potholes, particularly between Kenton and the Ndlambe/Makhanda boundary at Peter Wilmot’s farm.

The contractor who was awarded the tender has started work however the contract is not sufficient to adequately repair the road to ensure the safety of the travelers.

We encourage travelers who would normally come to the Sunshine Coast via Cradock, Bedford, Grahamstown and Salem, to re-route and use the route Cradock, Cookhouse, Nanaga, Alexandria. The recommended route is in excellent condition and is only 15-20km longer.

Be safe and travel safely


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