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Dear Ratepayers and Residents of Kenton.

With lots of new blood on the committee KOSRA has been much more active in the past months.

We have been involved in issues relating to:

  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Recycling
  • Security
  • Town Planning

We have also been trying hard to communicate more effectively with our community. At present we have 700 email addresses to which we distribute weekly news articles. 700 email addresses relate to a total of 1 300 erven in Kenton and Merryhill, that’s a step in the right direction!

We have not, until now, had a computer system that enables us to send out multiple invoices with just a click of a button. However, that’s all changed! Mainly thanks to our SLEUTH who not only ‘sleuths’ but is also a dab hand at computer wizadry. So watch out as he will be firing off invoices ‘like there’s no tomorrow’ very soon.

Seriously though, in order to confirm KOSRA’s credibility with Ndlambe Municipality we need to be able to show that we really do represent our community. Hence a need for more paid-up members.

So, when you get your invoice please don’t throw it in the bin, carefully consider what your membership will mean to our representation as well as to the hard working committee who need funds to support the many community activities they are working on.

Such as:

  • Getting recycling back on its feet
  • Security of public spaces
  • Establishing a fund to finance the hiring of extra guards during holiday periods
  • Court cases for rubbish and sewerage
  • Town Planning objections and appeals
  • Supporting public garden upgrades and clean-ups
  • Keeping our website and Facebook presence up to date

Don’t forget KOSRA aims to make sure that property values are maintained and the quality of life here is preserved for everyone.

If you are already a paid-up member, thank you! If not then we need your support please. In either case we would like you to double check all the pertinent details on the invoice. Make sure we have captured your email, cell number etc. correctly. We are interested in people, so if you or your partners name is not reflected accurately please tell us so we can personalise any future correspondence. Please use your stand number or street address as the reference on your EFT payment.

Thank you
George Poole, KOSRA Chair


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