Sudden Pizza Heat

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KOSRA has suddenly been inundated with vehement e-mails from numerous property owners in the area near Main Beach. They all object violently to the supposed applications by the owners of the Pizzarella, in Eastbourne Road, for a liquor licence and for rezoning of the property.

We have checked the facts. They are:

  • No application for rezoning has been made.
  • Every year, the owners have applied and obtained both a trading licence for a restaurant and an event on-consumption liquor licence, for the period 15 December to 7 January, to sell liquor between 11am and 9pm. The restaurant has been going for 9 years. No one has ever objected. KOSRA did receive a complaint last year from one property owner in the area.
  • An application has now been lodged for a permanent liquor licence to sell between 11am and 9pm. Notice was published in the Provincial Gazette on 18 September, and people are entitled to lodge an objection with the Eastern Cape Liquor Board by no later than 9 October 2020.  We can find no e-mail address, but the contact details for the Board are:
    P O Box 18060, Quigney, 5211
    Shop 10, Beacon Bay Crossing, Beacon Bay, East London
    Tel. 043 700 0900
    Fax 043 726 4101
  • The Committee of KOSRA has debated the issue exhaustively at a special meeting. In the light of the spontaneous unanimous response in favour of the facility, when it was raised at our last AGM, and the sudden objections from property owners close to the venue, KOSRA has concluded that it should leave it to the community either to object to or support the application.  However, as the operation of a restaurant on a property zoned “Residential 1” contravenes the Ndlambe Integrated Land Use Scheme, KOSRA feels obliged to bring this to the attention of the Ndlambe Town Planning Department.


  1. Thanks KOSRA for the role you play . As an owner , ratepayer and customer of Pizarella , we are fully supportive of their application. It fills a massive gap in Kenton and is very convenient for beach goers – with Jeremiah’s having been burnt down , there is more of a need for Pizarella than before . The Paul’s have always been responsible and valuable for Kenton – long may that continue for Kenton’s sake !
    Please let us know what is happening on Middle Beach in December ? A successful Licence and good facilities there (day and night) are more of a priority and urgent need than the Pizarella Licence . Thank you

  2. Pizzarella is such a wonderful venue in Kenton. We don’t have anything else like it. The food is wonderful, it has a fantastic atmosphere and it’s not open late at night. Would be great to be able to buy drinks there too. They always got a temporary licence anyhow.

  3. How is it possible that the owners have obtained a trading licence and an event on-consumption licence every year , in order to operate a restaurant on a property zoned Residential 1?
    If this is to continue without challenge, what is to stop the owner of any property at Kenton zoned Residential 1 from operating a restaurant or similar facility?
    The nuisance, noise, disturbance and parking issues are all realities that nearby property owners have had to contend with since Pizzarella started trading at that location in a designated residential area.

  4. Pizzarella Is a wonderful , low key tasteful ,establishment, serving fabulous food and with great service. And yes ,a facility for good food and beverages near the beach is a great thing to have with a hungry family in tow.
    The Paul’s are experienced restaurateurs , having Successfully and with great style run The Highlander in Grahamstown for many years and are considerate and well organized.
    Perhaps the parking can be addressed by creating correct parking spaces on the verges.
    Of course there is legitimate parking area just up on the other side which could be manned creating labour for some.
    I feel that the parking can be managed.
    It is a unique element which adds an iconic value to Kenton especially now as we have lost our beloved Sandbar- so so sad. And Jerry’s!!!

  5. Pizzarella is a great establishment that offers good food in a tranquil setting.
    The fact that it is within walking distance to a main beach is great.
    As a lot of establishments have recently closed their doors, I think Kenton is in need of an establishment like this, especially over the festive season.
    No objections!

  6. We wish to offer our full support to The Paul’s and wish them many more years of success in running a very unique establishment

  7. What a fantastic asset to Kenton! The relaxed atmosphere and great food is exactly what the village needs. Many happy memories have been made there during the past nine years. Long may this lovely tradition continue,

  8. We support the application whole-heartedly. The Paul’s run a fabulous and very much appreciated establishment in a caring and responsible manner and facilities of this nature are key to the future of Kenton as a favoured tourist destination. The fact that the application is for the time period 11:00 to 21:00, together with the responsible and caring approach of the owners, should ensure that it will not adversely impact neighbouring residential properties. The parking concern has been adequately addressed in responses above

  9. We whole-heartedly support the application. The Paul’s are experienced and caring business people and facilities of this type are key to confirming Kenton’s reputation as a desirable tourist destination. The fact that the application is for the 11:00 – 21:00 should allay any concerns that it will be detrimental and bothersome to neighbouring residential properties

  10. We fully support the Paul’s application. They run a wonderful restaurant with great food and relaxed atmosphere, which is so needed in Kenton. The food is delicious and we have always enjoyed a quiet, relaxed meal on the many occasions we have been to Pizzarella.

  11. I wish to offer my full support to The Paul’s and wish them many more years of success in running a very unique establishment. (As per Rod above)

  12. I fully support the Paul’s family. Pizarella is a very welcome eating venue for many.
    I can’t see how the parking of a few vehicles outside is any worse than trailers and cars that can’t park down at the jetty.
    It would be great to have more choices of eating establishments, so let’s not restrict the good ones we already have.
    The liquor licence was always an annual thing so I can’t see why people are now objecting.

  13. I fully support the Pauls and long May they continue serving our community with good food and a relaxed environment. Welcome to help make Kenton a good family destination None of which exists at present!!! Good luck👍

  14. Kenton is in desperate need of this very good pizza outlet – The Pizarella. If eating on site it offers such a lovely atmosphere and the quality of their food/pizza is good. Kenton needs to have options of fun things/places to offer holiday makers when they visit our little bit of paradise. Keep up the good work – The Pauls.

  15. Our family fully support the Paul’s application. Pizzarella is an asset to the Kenton community, attracting people from far and wide to visit the area. While doing so, all these families buy groceries from Spar, vegetables from the locals, coffee at the cafes, meat from the butchery, petrol from the gas station and they enjoy the beautiful beaches. Pizzarella is a bit part of Kenton and it adds so much value. We fully support the Paul’s, they have been restaurant owners for years and they are a very respected family in the Eastern Cape.

  16. I fully support the Pauls and Pizzarella restaurant, its been a saving grace for families to take their children to as well in an open air space and place and so much more so in this time of covid when we need to social distance. Its a brilliant idea and everone loves going there and their food is excellent – no body should object to it, they should just be thankful that we have a wonderful place to go to – we are sadly short of restaurants in this area – the more good ones we have the better

  17. I don’t think it is an issue of whether or not it is a well run establishment ( which could change if there were to be a change of ownership). In my view the issue is whether or not it is right to vary residential 1 conditions – surely not.

  18. What if the next Restaurant opens next to YOUR holiday home and is not so well run? How will you put a stop to this if a precedent has been set? Maybe Pizzarella must open in a legal location.

  19. We think Pizzarella is a fantastic asset to Kenton that has been kept low key, chilled and relaxed and in fitting with its surroundings. Dale and Ross and team produce great food, and offerings like this are why people come to Kenton. They got their permits each year, with no issues or objections in the past. The have put in long hours and hard work, and are showing due regard to the process and we support them fully in their application.

  20. The Liquor Board representative for Kenton on Sea is:
    Mr. Lulamile, e mail:

  21. We feel that Pizzarella is an asset to Kenton and that their application should be granted. Traffic congestion could be solved by directing patrons to the parking area a few meters further up the hill on the opposite side
    Buzz and Marion Bowker

  22. Individuals of Kenton, mostly locals needs to wake up! The economic environment is begging for investment and growth. Kenton is trying its best to try and chase growth away? Why? The community as a whole should embrace the situation and use it as a marketing opportunity to grow investment within the area. In December, would you prefer a bunch of people in a safe and comfortable area or at the end of a car park pumping music out the back of their car? I know which one I would prefer! Pizzarella is professional and considerate! Give them a chance before you make decisions that affect the local economy

  23. This is a very poor post from KOSRA and is deliberately misleading of what has transpired. It is short on the full facts and leaves the reader with the impression that the antagonists are the ratepayers.

    I am one of the people who wrote to KOSRA, and there was nothing vehement nor violent about my email. It was a simple request to understand if KOSRA were aware of what was happening, what KOSRA’s position was on this issue and if they were taking any action.

    The underlying concern from most of the immediate neighbours is that the Pauls property gets rezoned into some form of commercial property:

    How can you get a permanent liquor licence on residential property while running a restaurant without a permanent commercial licence to operate?

    This point seems to be supported by the last point in the above post that clearly states that current operation contravenes the Ndlambe Integrated Land Use Scheme?

    And while the Pauls serve excellent food, which we have all enjoyed, and while they may never change Pizzerela (as they have assured us), what’s to stop the next person buying the property and turning it into a night club?

  24. It is clear from some of the above responses that people enjoy going to the Pizzarella Restaurant. This business is currently operating in a Residential Zone 1 area. The Ndlambe Local Municipality Land Use Scheme Report of 27 March 2019 (pg. 10) clearly states that a restaurant is not allowed in Residential Zone 1 areas. If the Pizzarella had to move to an appropriately zoned area, it could continue to be an asset to Kenton.

    If the Pizzarella continues to operate in a residential area, what is there to stop other residents in Kenton opening businesses in residential areas? If a person operated a business that could have a negative effect on your quality of life and value of your property, would you support/object to this?


    • Objectors to the
      Objectors to the Pizzarella Liquor Licence Application

      To all concerned,

      We have noted and respect your objection to the above application.
      From our side we have also noted a lot of contradictory rumours as to what is actually happening.

      To put the record straight and “from the horses mouth” as it were, please note the following:

      We have applied for a formal Liquor Licence after having done informal Licences for the last three years under the Events banner.

      We applied through Attorneys BLC in Port Elizabeth and have followed the rules to the book. On the point from the objectors letter to the Liquor Board stating that we had not advertised the application or posted our intentions at Pizzarella the Attorneys assure us that in terms of the Eastern Cape Liquor Board all protocols have been followed and that the only advert needed was in The Goverment gazette which has been done.

      We have not applied for Rezoning.

      We are not building a Hotel.
      We are not removing any bush.
      We are not planning on running a Night Club.

      We are not planning a late night Bar with loud music like Jeremiahs.

      We are not planning on selling.

      Nothing will change.

      Pizzarella is now open throughout the year as a Restaurant only and the events licences are not a practical option any more.

      Nothing will change from the last 9 years of operations- we will still close at 2200.

      We will not stop individuals bringing their own drinks and nor will we charge corkage.

      Our intentions have always been to create a homely, relaxed and casual atmosphere and a BYO Booze rule fits this intention. The formal liquor licence is an added service to those who do not remember to bring drinks, or who come directly from the beach.

      Pizzarella does not have loud music and the last time we hosted the notorious third term half-term parties was four years ago. We acknowledge that this event was very noisy and did not do us any favours. This had nothing to do with Pizzarella- which was then a seasonal Pop-up only.

      We have now sign-posted the parking area 25m from Pizzarella and put no parking signs around the restaurant in an endeavor to stop congestion in close proximity to the Restaurant. We are busy interviewing a suitable candidate as a security-guard who will help control parking and guard cars in the parking lot which has more than adequate parking space .

      If we are to host an event – this would come with strict controls on the music and size of the event and we would inform our immediate neighbors of its nature and the expected duration . The local by-laws as to noise would be adhered to.

      If our liquor licence is approved, this would be in an individuals name and in the very unlikely event of the property being sold we would give the assurance that the Liquor licence would not be transferred to the new owners.

      It has always been our Intention to add to Kenton Charm and create a hub of excellence here. Our children have always come HOME to Kenton and we believe places like Pizzarella , Jeremiahs, The House Planner, Voila, The Bakery, The Naked Market, The Continental, The Goatshed, Stanleys, BBG’s and The Red Apple as well as all the other facilities will contribute to not only keeping our families local but attracting visitors to our Barefoot Capital of the Sunshine Coast.

      Dale and Ros Paul

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