Unlawful river and public spaces closure

by | Dec 18, 2020 | Blog | 4 comments

Unlawful river and public spaces closure

KOSRA’s URGENT response to unlawful river and public space closure.  Click here to read 


  1. I hope closing of rivers is not true. It is ridiculous. I can go shopping at a large Mall with lots of people, but can’t go to wide spaces eg beach and rivers. Its up to individuals to keep social distancing. We are not stupid.

  2. Please do not close the rivers.. its not what the president said. Its all we have to enjoy after this terrible year. How can the virus spread on a river?

  3. There is no legal legislation in place to close our local beaches nor river activity. We resist all attempts to attempt to force unsuitable “legislation” on us!!!

  4. The govt has once again totally lost the plot. Its absolutely pathetic, not thought through and nonsensical. Stupidity at its peak.

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