Unruly behaviour in Kenton

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Over the years, there have been odd instances of unruly behaviour, often by teenagers, in Kenton during holiday times and weekends. These incidents seem to have escalated recently and vandalism of street signs and car number plates have been reported, along with serious damage to and theft from party venues.

KOSRA is becoming increasingly concerned that this behaviour could result in serious injury or even a death. As always, is it a few who overstep the mark and spoil it for everyone!

KOSRA has resolved to take three steps to try to restore tranquility to our village.


KOSRA will write to all HEADS OF SCHOOLS in Grahamstown asking them to inform parents of the recent incidents of unruly behaviour by teenagers in Kenton. As these perpetrators were easily identifiable their misdemeanors have caused serious damage to the reputation of their school.

  • In future, if serious behaviour occurs in Kenton and an act is committed for which a student could be criminally charged, the school should urge the venue to lay criminal charges. Plus, the perpetrators would be liable for instant expulsion from the school.
  • This code of conduct should be written into the terms and condition of the schools attendance contract.
  • The HEADS OF SCHOOLS should also remind parents and students of the dire consequences of a criminal record.


KOSRA will also write to all potential party venues in Kenton, especially those with LIQUOR LICENSES, asking them to be more responsible, and before accepting a booking for a party they should:

  • Identify which parent/s will accept responsibility for any damage or loss, and get their written acceptance.
  • Request a hefty deposit for any damage that may occur.
  • Insist on security being hired for the function at the expense of the parents.
  • Ban any entrance charge being made by the students.
  • Insist on the presence of at least 2 parents for the duration of the function.
  • Comply with the liquor laws and demand proof of age.
  • Prohibit any alcohol being brought onto the premises.
  • Ensure there is adequate supervision by owners, managers and their staff.
  • Ensure that, should there be any sign of drugs, hooliganism or vandalism, SAPS and HiTec be notified immediately.
  • And as a matter of course, they lay criminal charges against any person at the function who commits a criminal offence, such as damage to property or theft, irrespective of any compensation offered or paid.


KOSRA will request that the Station Commander of SAPS in Kenton visit all licensed premises in Kenton and Bushmans to remind them of their liquor licensing terms and conditions.

  • In particular, that it is illegal to sell liquor to persons under the age of 18.
  • Failure to report any crime committed on their premises will result in the owner being charged with defeating the ends of justice.
  • The Station Commander should ask all HEADS OF SCHOOLS in Grahamstown to advise parents and students that, because of their flagrant abuse of the liquor laws, anyone planning a party for more than 20 pax must furnish full details in writing to SAPS not less than 48 hours prior to the event so the police can include the venue in their patrol schedule.


  1. Schools already have these conditions
    ‘Ensure’ all well and good – just how though?

  2. Excellent thank you! Unfortunately I was’t able to attend the meeting on Wednesday but had written to the headmaster the previous week.
    The above measures should go a long way to help address the problem but I still feel that the parents have and will continue to ignore/turn a blind eye to what is going on easy to do and the kids know it sadly as some parents are partying themselves. Estate Agents and private people rent out holiday homes. There should be a way to identify which parents have rented a house for the kids where there is no supervision at all. It happened in a large house near my home last year. Only after a couple of days was I able to talk to a man who happened to appear when the kids were having a slanging match with me in the street downstairs. He had just popped in he said and asked if there was a problem! Students changed their tune when I demanded that he come downstairs, talk to me and deal with them. But he stayed upstairs, said nothing more to me and disappeared from view. I should have barged into the house and confronted him there but was so over it all that I just hoped for the best – stupid of me…. Behavior did improve after that though.

  3. As a Pretoria Head of School this is dubious grounds to involve schools. Schools will take action “if the name of the School is brought into disrepute by the actions of the boys/girls” but when my scholars are signed out by their parents they cease to be under School rules. I think most head’s of schools would agree. expulsion would be immediately litigated against and usually lost. The issue is the alcohol but bear in mind that matrics start turning 18 in their matric year normally. In my expereince the major disturbances are from private homes which get taken over by youths and in those circumstances things become even more difficult. Patroling by SAPS and Hitech with immediate SAPS intervention I support whole heartedly. I will be down for a month and I do not tolerate any hooliganism near my home.

    • Angus you are absolutely correct and something I did not think about. Well done on bringing this to everybody’s attention!

  4. Well done KOSRA! A very timely intervention

  5. The timing of this notice is not fortuitous. It comes on the back of a well-known culture / habit of complete mayhem during the month of October, and casts a spotlight on all that is reprehensible about money and entitlement.

    Your measures fully supported. I would suggest that the Police re urged to exercise fullest judicial authority and pursue cases to the end, in order to reset the necessary standards and to make an example of those who continue to believe they are untouchable.

  6. Congratulations – this should have happened years ago. Another problem is unacompanied children being booked into accommodation by parents and left to their own devices for the weekend. We had two on line bookings done by mothers and were very alarmed when children arrived with no adult supervision. As these bookings were done on line ostensibly by adults for adults it is very difficult to prevent this

  7. Well done, KOSRA! This will work in favour of both the Kenton community, and the schools in question.

  8. I fully agree and support the actions planned – this behaviour is absolutely unacceptable!

  9. About time discipline is enforced especially at schools where the pupils are the adults & leaders of the future

  10. About time something has happened. I know in 1974 the plugs of boats on the river were pulled put as a result motor filled with salt water. Who are these boys and who do they think they are. Quite disgusting behavior.

  11. I fully agree – this is an absolute disgrace and us home owners in Kenton block out certain weekends so our houses are not available for rental. It is really time that something is done to stop this disregard of property!

  12. Thank you for this positive and super approach ! I had a problem myself at Carriage House when the mother booked and boys from the school arrived with numbers of friends, hookah pipes and beer right from the start. The mother flew down especially to apologise in a very unacceptable manner !

  13. Unacceptable. I think some parents simply allow their children to be unsupervised in their holiday homes. Your concept for the hiring of venues is EXECELLENT”. Call the police and charge them. Tell headmasters to warn their students.

  14. Accommodation venues must not let to groups of teenagers who rent the place without a parent staying on the premises and who is prepared to control and be responsible for the young guests behaviour


  16. These are steps in the right direction – thank you and well done. We want a safe and civilised place in Kenton!

  17. Its about time parents take responsibility for the behavior of their children. I do not think it is the responsibility of the school to monitor the behavior of their students off the school campus unless they are on an official school function.
    The teaching staff have enough on their plate without being landed with these additional responsibilities, responsibilities that lie clearly with the parents

  18. Well done KOSRA. Maybe the schools should be encouraged to forward these decisions made at the Kosra meeting to all parents with scholars at schools in Grahamstown. They should also forward residents’ comments.

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