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We are ‘on it’ all the time and we need you to help us!

Being a member of the KOSRA committee means dedicating a good proportion of a working day to protect YOUR community’s rights.

We watch out for things that are not as they should be and we listen out for complaints and take note of any compliments.

When we hear there’s rubbish dumped in the wrong place – we’re ‘on it’! We have a direct line to Ndlambe and they respond to our requests quickly.

When we hear there’s sewerage leaking into our rivers – we’re ‘on it’! Working with Estuary Care on regular water sampling at strategic points.

When the municipal water levels are low and the dams not filling – we challenge Amatola and seek meaningful answers; often difficult to come by but we never give up.

When the RO plant breaks down or pipes are stolen – our representatives on the technical water committee seek ways to help get it fixed.

When residents cannot safely walk down our pedestrian pathways we’re ‘on it’ – we have a bush clearing exercise going on now, if a pedestrian pathway near you needs attention please let us know!

When dunes start to encroach on roads and houses we’re ‘on it’ – forming a committee with Ndlambe and interested parties to find an agreeable solution for the majority of residents.

When complaints are received about building matters we’re ‘on it’. Checking that municipal restrictions are adhered to.

When recycling doesn’t happen we’re ‘on it’ – trying to figure out efficient ways for this to happen effectively.

When holiday seasons bring many visitors to Kenton we take the initiative to increase visible policing by hiring extra security guards. Our aim is for no crime incidents always!

We keep you in the loop as much as possible by hosting and updating our website, sending out news posts via email and on our Facebook page.  Your participation and feedback on these platforms are welcomed.

We are asking you to support us by paying the annual KOSRA membership fee of R500 per year which is less than R42 per month. CLICK HERE

Remember a collective voice is more powerful than an individual whisper!

Join your voice with ours today – without your backing, we can do nothing!

Mariana Ferreira
Membership Portfolio

KOSRA working for you!



  1. Well worth supporting

  2. Please would you arrange with either Ndlambe or a competent local plumber to fix and maintain the “toilet” on the Kariega slip way, which is frequently in a state of disrepair and leaking on to the parking area next to the slipway. Every so often some municipal workers are seen near the leaking toilet and for a few days it appears to work and then the leaking recommences. Sewerage is or will soon be running into the Kariega. I write this in response to your “we’re on it”

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