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by | May 15, 2019 | Blog

We promised to communicate with our constituents more effectively in 2019! And we’ve been doing just that:

  • We’ve upgraded the KOSRA website
  • Initiated a KOSRA Facebook page
  • And this will be our 14th blog post to the emailing list

Committee members have also been ferociously active in meetings to discuss the very serious problems affecting all residents. Namely, water, electricity, security, waste and recycling. We are pleased to report that some positive outcomes have been experienced.

We take our role as a ‘watchdog’ of the activities of local government very seriously and communicate constantly with Ndlambe Municipality on issues of inadequate maintenance. Whether it be the carpark subsidence at Middle Beach or the crater in Bathurst Road.

The proposed petrol service station at the entrance to Kenton has reared its ugly head again. Apparently the verbally approved proposal encompasses, not just a filling station, but a much larger development with retail outlets! So much for a quiet and quaint village attracting tourists to the vast expanse of golden beaches and azure sea. KOSRA is ‘on it’ and will keep you informed as to what’s happening and what we are able to do to prevent this catastrophe!

Please remember we do these activities in our spare time! We have no administrative assistance and no office! Just a few active volunteer committee members doing their best!


What can you do for KOSRA?

Well, to start with you can volunteer to join us, we certainly can do with a few more committee members. What skills can you contribute? How can you help? Drop us a note and we’ll definitely be in touch!

And you can PLEASE please make sure your subs are paid? Out of 1300 stands in Kenton there are only 185 paid up KOSRA members; Bushman’s ratepayers paid up subs are over 50%.  Click here to make a quick & safe online payment

If we have enough financial and other support we hope to be able to contribute to more projects, improve our security and hopefully keep some spare for any impending legal fees that we need to incur to fight the good fight!

Don’t forget we still haven’t come to the end of the legal road with the Ndlambe waste disposal issues. And do we really want a garage and Pick n Pay at our entrance?

Don’t just ask what KOSRA does for you! Don’t forget what you can do for KENTON!


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