Kenton on Sea Ratepayers Association

KOSRA is required to prepare a financial statement, in conformity with generally accepted accounting practice, for submission to its members at the AGM. The financial year runs from 1 November in any year to 31 October the following year.

Balance 21 September 2017 R44 980,00
Add: Donations and Subscriptions R53 286,00
Add:Interest Received R315,00
R53 601,00 R53 601,00
R98 581,00
Bank Charges R212,00
Website hosting(Hertzner) R1 231,00
PR Pollack-Pedestrian Steps R1 618,00
Busy Bee Garden Services R6 358,00
Estuary Care R581,00
Kenton Boesmans(White Safety Rail town) R10 000,00
Fluxmans R13 989,00
Apm CC R2 905,00
R36 894,00 R36 894,00
Balance on Account – 31 October 2018 R61 687,00
Balance on Stanlib Account – 6 November 2018 R242 595,00
Opening Balance – 26 September 2017 R45 377,00
Donations Received R236 575,00
Interest Received R121,00
  R282 073,00
Less Payments-Hi Tech Guards R129 346,00
Less Payments-Hi Tech Supervisor R23 811,00
Less Payments-Hi Tech Arrests R4 500,00
Less Payments-Hi Tech ATM Guards R23 945,00
Less Payments-Hi Tech,Police Get Together R3 088,00
Less Payments-Hi Tech Easter Guards R25 745,00
R210 435,00 R210 435,00
Balance- 31 October 2018 R71 638,00

Watching over the interests of residents & property owners in
Kenton-on-Sea and Ekuphumleni.


Our interests

We aim to watch over the interests of its members regarding the activities of local government.


Join us and help maintain and improve amenities of Kenton-on-Sea for the benefit of  residents and visitors.  

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