Wildlife Watch Kenton

As the name suggests, Wildlife Watch is a group of residents who watch and monitor the wildlife that lives in Kenton.

They have two main goals: firstly, to try and stop the poaching; and, secondly, to try and establish the size of the populations of different animals to see whether they are increasing or decreasing.

On WhatsApp 066 227 5670, please inform them about any activity that you think may be a danger to wildlife, such as dogs that are not under control, and any other evidence of activity that is likely to harm our wildlife. 

In addition, please report your sightings of wild creatures that you see around Kenton. For the safety of the animals, they will not publish the information but we will use it to tally the data and publish global information about increases and decreases from time to time. If you can send a photo they will post it on their Blog from time to time (without providing evidence of its location).

Please also report any unusual sightings such as terrapins, chameleons, and even birds that are not normally resident here.

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