Wildlife Watch Quiz Winners

And the winners of the Kenton Wildlife Watch Quiz are…… Question one – Name the bird in the picture below. Please supply the common name and the scientific name? Figure 1 Photo supplied by Tim Cockcroft THE ANSWER: Knysna Warbler’ Bradypterus sylvaticus...

Wildlife Watch Quiz

Be the first to answer one of the three questions below and you can win either — The Birdwatchers’ prize, which is bread from the Bakery and an ‘Honest’ bar of chocolate; Listeners’ prize, a meal voucher with the compliments of Chris from Homewood’s; Bokkie watchers’...

Keep your dogs on leads

Over the last few weeks, as a result of night time patrols, we have become aware of several dogs running into and around the reserve in the very early hours of the morning.  One Hi Tec guard and some residents have reported the same. As of Sunday 21 July we have...

Who let the dogs out

A short while ago a bushbuck ram was attacked by two dogs in the Joan Muirhead Nature Reserve running along Coniston Road. The dogs were described as a pair of beagles. Residents gave chase but neither the dogs nor the owner were apprehended. The owner of these dogs...

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