Kenton on Sea Ratepayers Association

Please note - water restrictions apply:

Our area has been subject to water restrictions since December 2017.

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KOSRA objection to rates increase

Please click here to read KOSRA’s document compiled on behalf of the ratepayers. Thank you for all the responses received. The above is a very good example of the effort made by KOSRA in representing the rate paying residents of Kenton on Sea.  If you’ve not yet...



Siyakhathala is a Marselle and Ekuphumleni Township project, supported and encouraged by the local Christian, business and charitable communities to provide food security to all residents.

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March Newsletter

The strongest theme that is emerging from our continuing efforts on the various community concerns, is the sense of unity that is growing with the related organisations in the Kenton/Bushmans area.


The Kenton Sand Dune

Call for urgent and critical funding to enable us as a joint body to counter the ambitions of the Kenton Sand Dune and Nature Association (KSDNA).



Please be reminded of the KOSRA Annual General Meeting

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