The KOSRA revolution

by | Jan 30, 2024 | Blog, Newsletters

Dear Kenton-on-Sea ratepayers,

We have some fantastic news to share with you! Following feedback from the AGM, KOSRA is going through a revolution:

  • KOSRA membership is now free for all residents/ratepayers and all Ratepayers are automatically members of KOSRA.
  • KOSRA has already started with its first two infrastructure projects for the improvement of Kenton


As we strive to build a stronger, more united community, we believe that by making membership accessible to everyone, we will reach more residents and businesses enabling us to work together to enhance service delivery and contribute to the betterment of our town.

The message from the AGM is clear: we need to help ourselves, rather than wait endlessly for the Municipality. To do this, we need everybody on board.

For those ratepayers who have already contributed financially please note those funds will continue to go towards projects such as the security initiative which assisted in the lowest holiday season crime statistics in Kenton to date.

Kenton upliftment

Our first two projects of the year will be the roads and water reticulation valve replacements.

KOSRA is contributing R500 000.00 from its limited reserves to stretch the limited contributions from Ndlambe a little further. We have committed an additional R300k to the R700k from Ndlambe towards the road maintenance program and an additional R200k to assist with water reticulation repairs.

  1. For the roads, working with Ndlambe, we have identified the most cost effective and beneficial way to spend the limited amount that is available currently, totaling R1 million, on selected roads improvements.
  2. For the water infrastructure, KOSRA is making available an amount of R200 000 to assist in the replacement of key water valves in the town. This will allow Kenton to be divided into five zones which can be separated from each other for reticulation purposes. This will enable leaks to be addressed per zone, without necessarily affecting the whole town.

But this is only the beginning! There is a great deal of work to do.

We need funds to carry out the work that the municipality neglects. If everyone contributes, meaningful funds can be collected to enable the much-needed maintenance of roads and water systems to be carried out.

The campaign to procure service delivery from Ndlambe can never cease. But the message from the AGM is clear: we need to help ourselves.

Conservatively speaking, we need to consistently raise at least R4 million per year to add to contributions from Ndlambe, to continue with further much needed infrastructure improvements. We can easily achieve this if all Ratepayers can make even a modest contribution. More on this to come.

KOSRA membership

Current and new members: please complete the form below to confirm your membership details.

After completion you will receive a WhatsApp group link invitation to be part of the KOSRA Community group.  You will also be added to our email list to receive news and updates from KOSRA.

We call upon everyone to contribute generously

To make a direct contribution into KOSRA’s bank account:

Bank: Standard Bank
Account number: 28‐394‐816‐7
Account Name: Kenton Ratepayers Association
Branch: Port Alfred
Branch code: N/A
Reference: Kenton street address and surname
Email proof of payment to

Be part of the positive change in Kenton on Sea.

Let’s join forces, amplify our voices, and create a brighter future for our town.
Your participation makes a difference.

Thank you for being an integral part of the Kenton-on-Sea community.

The KOSRA committee.


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