Watching over
the interests of residents & property owners in Kenton-on-Sea and Ekuphumleni.

About our village

Kenton-on-Sea is a small coastal town on the Sunshine Coast in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

Kenton lies between the estuaries of the Bushmans and Kariega Rivers. It has unspoilt sandy beaches, rock pools, high dunes and hidden coves to explore. Its raw beauty never ceases to delight and its friendly and welcoming residents make it a must-go holiday destination.


KOSRA subscription fees are used in accordance with the constitution to maintain and improve amenities in Kenton-on-Sea and its environs for the benefit of all residents and visitors to the area.


Building & Town planning


Water, Infrastructure & Maintenance

Recycling & Waste

Ward Liaison

News & Marketing


From our

March Newsletter

The strongest theme that is emerging from our continuing efforts on the various community concerns, is the sense of unity that is growing with the related organisations in the Kenton/Bushmans area.

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