Building & Town Planning

Land Use Scheme

The Ndlambe Spatial Development Framework 2023

Building lines & Guest houses

Several applications for “Departure of Building Line” have been brought to KOSRA’s attention over the past months for comment from Ndlambe.  The current legislation allows Ndlambe Municipality to relax all building lines applications at their discretion after having followed public participation.

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Nuisance by-law

Hi Community Over this busy season please be aware of the Nuisance by-law. Apologies for the poor English but that’s how it’s written: CHAPTER I GENERAL PROVISIONS RELATING TO PUBLIC NUISANCES 3. Behaviour and conduct (1) No person may – (a) do work on or use any...

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KOSRA Town Planning Policy

The principles adopted by KOSRA to the numerous town-planning, building and architectural matters that present themselves within Kenton-on-Sea are as follows: KOSRA is not a decision-making body but is required by Ndlambe Municipality to comment on applications for...

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