Building noise in Kenton

Building noise in Kenton

We seem to be in a bit of a building boom in Kenton at the moment; which, considering the state of the nation, must say something for our quiet and peaceful sanctuary! However, for those who live here, what it does say is NOISE! And lots of if! Not that we really...
Builders Beware

Builders Beware

We have noticed numerous instances of severe damage to roads and pavements in Kenton caused by heavy trucks and earth-moving equipment operating and unloading outside properties where there are building works. It has consequently been agreed with Ndlambe Municipality,...
Results:  Telkom Fibre Poll

Results: Telkom Fibre Poll

Hi Kenton Residents Thanks to those of you who responded so enthusiastically to the Fibre Poll (click here to read the original article) We sent out approximately 700 emails and we got 150 replies. That’s over 20% so not too bad! The interesting thing is that 92% of...

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