Garage at KOS entrance – development update

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Dear Ratepayers,

I attended the KENTON ENTRANCE Tribunal Meeting Wed 26 Jan 2022 on behalf KOSRA.

Ndlambe Municipality recommended that this development be approved with certain conditions, one of which is the SANRAL approval.  This approval still needs to be 100% confirmed, as the architect of the development has not been granted it.

Ndlambe Municipality’s professionalism can be commended in dealing with this case. KOSRA has been approached to work closely with Ndlambe as the main interested party.

Further conditions have been discussed at this tribunal and we will keep you posted on the progress as soon as we get the full response from Ndlambe.

Please visit to see the Plans with 3Ds, Motivation, etc of this development.

Kind Regards.


  1. Thanks for the update… Please keep us posted as this is a seriously ignorant proposal! Another service station at our main entrance! The intersection is already dangerous enough…

  2. I wish they would build a traffic circle at the junction of Kenton entrance

  3. Whatever happens I hope KOSRA can persuade SANRAL to build a traffic circle. It is getting extremely difficult and substantially more dangerous to exit Kenton especially in December

  4. Thank you Pollos.

  5. As a point of information the record of proceedings confirms that the development is approved and will now proceed along the usual administrative processes and subject to those conditions. It further confirms that SANRAL approval was obtained by letter on 17 March 2021 which specified conditions. It thus appears that the only intervention possible by KOSRA is in engagement on pedestrian safety and traffic matters.

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