When we think SECURITY we immediately think of alarming our homes, closing our windows and bolting our doors; making sure our PRIVATE SPACE is secure and safe.

But what about securing the PUBLIC SPACES of our village, that’s our streets, parking areas and beaches, who does that? Well, in a perfect world, SAPS would be out there patrolling and pounding the beat, but in reality SAPS nationwide is hard pressed to cope. So that’s where KOSRA is focusing its attentions, our public spaces, our village. That’s not to say we can’t help in private spaces if incidents occur and we can be of use, but it’s the public spaces that are of major concern to us.


Mark Moses, from the KOSRA Committee, also heads up the Community Camera Fund (CCF). Started as a joint initiative between, Bushmans, Kenton, Riversbend, Merryhill and Natures Landing, the CCF funds the placement of cameras determined to be beneficial to the community. The fund also pays for the cleaning and monitoring of the cameras.

The Security Levy, collected from individual contributions, is used to provide extra security in and around the village during the busy holiday periods. It is a critical time to secure our public spaces. A budget for these essential activities is presented at the KOSRA AGM each year.

Contribute towards the security fund

The KOSRA Committee does not provide security; we administer funds to pay professional service providers to do the job. We also monitor delivery from those service providers.

Bank:  Standard Bank
Account name:  Kenton Ratepayers Security
Account number: 28-393-531-6
Branch:  Port Alfred
Branch code: N/A
Reference:  Kenton street address and surname

The KOSRA security portfolio comprises of:

Chair Mark Moses
Administrator Redmond Taggart
OPS Ross Swarts

Please feel free to contact Mark Moses on

REMEMBER your first point of contact in the event of any incident is:

SAPS 046 648 1222
Hi-Tec 046 648 1032


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