A new car guard for Kenton CBD

by | Mar 8, 2021 | Blog, Security | 7 comments

The ongoing car guard saga …

We’re sure you’ll all be pleased to know that the Chamber of Business (COB) and some individual members have sponsored a permanent security guard to patrol Kenton’s CBD.

This initiative is undertaken to try to alleviate the ongoing hassle our community, especially our older citizens, continue to experience with the ‘illegal car attendants’.

We therefore urge you to please stop tipping those trouble makers who hang around the car park and welcome George to our village.

Thank you COB!


  1. Great news as those self-appointed car guards were making shopping an unpleasant experience.

  2. Beware retribution from the illegal guards. Feather must be alert even when he is not working

  3. Interesting approach. Hope he survives!

  4. Does Guard have a Surname

    • Welcome George Wilfred Hutchinson.

  5. Does George have a surname? A more complete introduction befitting a new employee would be appreciated.

    • Sorry very remiss of me! George Wilfred Hutchinson.

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