UNISA’s crime stats

UNISA’s crime stats

It makes you think! Doesn’t it! UNISA’s School of Criminal Justice conducted research into understanding and preventing house robbery in South Africa. Based on in-depth interviews with convicted robbers, this is what was found: 8 out of 10 residential robberies...
Security update and tips

Security update and tips

Dear Kenton Ratepayers Winter is definitely the time of year to be a permanent resident. Our village of Kenton offers beautiful cool mornings giving way to sunny windless days; we do occasionally have the odd cold windy day but in general all is very calm and peaceful...
Kenton Security Update

Kenton Security Update

Dear Kenton Ratepayers Since my last security news we have had very few major incidents although we have not been totally crime free. These stats, from HiTec, are for the period 10 April – 18 May: 1 x attempted house breaking 5 x thefts 3 x house breaking 2 x...

Security Update

Dear Kenton Residents The modus operandi of criminals is always changing and we need to adapt our response accordingly. Since the new Kenton security team took over we’ve been analysing security trends. How trends change and how we need to adapt to those changes. Here...

Security Watch

To all Kenton Home Owners and Residents SECURITY WATCH I am writing to provide you with feedback on security matters in Kenton during the holiday season plus to appeal to you all to continue supporting our efforts to maintain a safe and secure environment in 2019....

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