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by | Aug 21, 2019 | Blog, Security

We need to talk about “Car Guards”

The other day I counted seven ‘car guards’ in just one area of the car park at the shops in Kenton. A bit overwhelming I am sure you’ll agree!

I find it quite difficult to understand why cars actually need guarding in the first place! It’s not as though there’s been a spate of car theft in Kenton lately! So what are the ‘car guards’ actually doing?

Well, their latest actives seem to be:

  • Removing pieces of the cars!
  • Scratching the sides of cars!
  • Begging!
  • Pimping small children (who should be in school) to beg for them!
  • Harassing old ladies!
  • Using parked cars as tables and chairs!
  • Being generally threatening!

The situation is becoming untenable!

So we are asking residents, visitors and holidaymakers to PLEASE STOP giving them money!

Unless you have a better idea?



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