Car Guards Update

by | Sep 15, 2020 | Blog, Security | 3 comments

This is one of our many controversial topics.  The fact remains that no matter what we do, they remain. They are not pleasant to people and in fact, have become very demanding and aggressive.

We have raised the issue with Ndlambe Municipality and have received a clear response from them. Click here.

You will note that although some of the car guards sport smart green bibs none of them holds the requisite licenses from the municipality. Spar has hired a person to help shoppers with heavy loads in the car park and the Chamber of Business has hired their own security person to monitor the streets in the CBD.

We ask you, again, to please refrain from giving them money or food. No matter what your intention, unfortunately it appears their first port of call is drugs. We cannot support this sort of behaviour. Their uncomfortable presence is growing and we cannot overlook what the end result will be.

Please remember to always be on the look out, and let’s all together try and discourage them in what ever way you see fit.

If you wish to support an individual car guard by means of a donation, please let us know and we will be happy to forward your addresses to the car guards so they can collect such donations from your private home.

If anyone is harassed by a car guard, we strongly advise you to telephone Kenton SPAS 046 648 1222. They are fully aware of the situation.

KOSRA, working for you.



  1. Agreed.

  2. So tired of being harrased in an angry voice.. How can you let our visitors not to support them ?

  3. Place signs around the carpark areas informing people not to give money to them. Maybe employ a couple of “proper” car guards who can chase these kids away

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