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by | Nov 13, 2019 | Blog, Security | 6 comments

SAPS Kenton aim to jack-up service delivery to all community members.

In a recent meeting with Captain Parkinson, Head of SAPS Kenton, we discussed ways for SAPS to improve their service delivery to the community at large. To this extent, we have come up with the following plan.

  • Anyone wishing to complain of bad service from Kenton SAPS should email their grievance to
  • I will document and verify these incidences.
  • I will collate all the reported complaints and bring them to the attention of Captain Parkinson at regular feedback meetings.

This initiative will allow us, the residents, to keep an eye on the quality of service delivery being offered by SAPS. It also means there will be a system in place for monitoring service delivery even if the head of station is not present.

We hope that this reporting method will increase the already excellent working relationship we have with the police. It should alleviate SAPS from receiving (often irrational) rants because of unverified rumour and hearsay, and instead, offer constructive feedback on which they can build an even better service.

Mark Moses
KOSRA Security Portfolio



  1. Thanks Mark, much appreciated.

  2. Thanks for being willing to offer this service, Mark,. It is appreciated
    David Wynne
    5 Vasco da Gama Rd

  3. Excellent initiative – I hope it brings the desired outcome over the Festive Season.

  4. I popped in there a few weeks ago, for my first visit after 28 years as a home owner. I was so impressed with my interaction with the Lady in the Charge Office. Friendly, and efficient. I told her at the time, but please pass this on.

  5. I appreciate all that is being done by KOSRA and the SAPS

  6. Never had a problem with the police have lived here permanently for about 25 yrs and have had quite a few dealings with them. Think they are great.

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