We’ve asked before, we’ll ask again

by | Apr 20, 2021 | Blog, Security | 3 comments

Please, please stop paying ‘car guards’! Kenton is not a high risk area and your car is unlikely to be stolen.

The car park in Kenton is, once again, crawling with ‘illegal car guards’. KOSRA and COB continue to try to make the shopping area a pleasant place to be but it is becoming increasingly difficult if we don’t have the support of the community. Please be aware that these ‘illegal car guards’ are known to SAPS and Hi Tec for their regular usage of drugs.

So we are asking you once again to PLEASE STOP supporting this illegal activity. You may think you are helping but it’s mostly just encouraging drug usage. Thank you!



  1. Fully agree and support the request.

  2. Hi Guys,
    I think I have responded before as well on your car guard stance. Rather than chase them away – give them each a bib or a T-shirt .. their presence is not about car-theft but about helping one unpack, helping one into & out of your parking and helping to prevent petty theft from cars. Select the best .. train them well and they will confer a safety to your parking lot. There are so many now without work .. those of us who are fortunate enough to be driving a car should be doing as much as we can to create employment at this time in South Africa .. our current economic model is a “DEAD END MODEL” as too many are being left out and left behind. For the sake of our common future … let the car guards work and help to working as well as possible. Rob Gibbs.

  3. Totally agree, they actually try to harass people!

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