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by | Jun 25, 2019 | Blog, Security

Dear Kenton Ratepayers

Since my last security news we have had very few major incidents although we have not been totally crime free.

These stats, from HiTec, are for the period 10 April – 18 May:
  • 1 x attempted house breaking
  • 5 x thefts
  • 3 x house breaking
  • 2 x housebreaking & theft
  • 1 x robbery

This period needs to be taken in context though as it was the very busy period just before Easter. Easter itself was, once again, quite quiet as KOSRA financed a guarding service, similar to our December endeavours.

There was an untenable incident of an old lady being accosted when entering Dolphin Retirement Home. We have subsequently erected a permanent camera there, which is monitored by HiTec, and funded by the Community Camera Fund.

The Community Camera Fund is financed by homeowners who agree to have R50 a month added to their normal HiTec bill. With this money we have recently replaced seven old cameras as well as erecting new ones. We also continue to work hard towards moving our security network to the SAPS aerial at the Kenton Police Station.

A while ago the Community Camera Fund also financed a camera for the Albany Camera Project. This project has had enormous success and has been instrumental in assisting SAPS apprehend three lots of criminals.

Talking of criminals there is some more good news!

There have been some major convictions in the area which should significantly reduce local criminal activity.

  • Three major offenders got 10 years.
  • Two got 7 years.
  • They are all behind bars.

These five criminals are repeat offenders who have managed to evade prosecution because of the lack of hard evidence against them. But now DNA evidence has been obtained and they have, at last, been brought to justice!

In closing, I would like to thank all those who support the Community Camera Fund as well as the Kenton Operation Team for their selfless efforts during the long hours of the night watches protecting us all. I salute you!

Please help KOSRA protect you!

Mark Moses
Chair, KOSRA Security



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