Security in the time of COVID-19

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The immediate problem I see with this ‘lockdown’ is that there are no clear and distinct guidelines; everybody seems to be interpreting the guidelines the way that suits them best. Yes, there are rules, we can all see them on social media platforms but some of those rules give licence for one to align yourself as you see fit.

There is a wonderful phrase in aviation, it is very broad and it is called ‘APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR’. I feel this is the time for us to exercise appropriate behaviour.

  • Kenton has a very elderly profile thus we are a high-risk society.
  • There are many non-permanent residences who have moved to their holiday homes to do the ‘lockdown’ thereby increasing our population.
  • We need to consider those less fortunate people who will be affected by ‘no work no pay’ for the 21 days. We sincerely hope that everyone will continue to pay their domestic workers during the ‘lockdown’ period.
  • Kenton at present has a zero infection rate. Let’s try to keep it that way.
  • If you really need to come into Kenton from other provinces please make sure you quarantine yourself.

KOSRA is trying not to be DRACONIAN or PRESCRIPTIVE and would rather prefer to rely on what is appropriate behaviour from all our residents.

  • Stop the mixing of people to reduce the infection rate.
  • Avoid people gathering in large numbers.
  • Starve the virus and eliminate the spread.
  • Prevent people from spreading the virus to vulnerable people.

Security during this time will be conducted as usual, by Hi-Tec, the SAPS and our own neighbourhood watch. This does not absolve you of your own vigilance.

I anticipate things being OK for the first week but as the ‘lockdown’ enters its second week we can expect a few hassles.

Extra guarding is not being provided during the next 21 days as we had a very weak response to all our calls for R150-00 monthly payments to run the extra security guarding during busy periods.

Finally, I urge you to PLEASE put yourself SECOND and think of others FIRST. For most of us this will be the first time we’re in such a crisis.

Keep safe, take care and exercise APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR.

Mark Moses
On behalf of KOSRA


  1. Please be very careful around the issue of people moving to their holiday homes in Kenton during this time. You/we do not know each family’s circumstances and this issue can cause unnecessary, unwarranted friction and accusations.

  2. Thank you for taking care of Merry Hill
    Anthony and I will be in lock down in PE.
    Stay safe

  3. Thank you KOSRA for your great leadership and wonderfully informative e mails on Inside Kenton & the website. Much appreciate your hard work. Stay safe all.

  4. We have noticed a large number of people arriving in Kenton in the last few days with cycles and boats on trailers. I hope that they are aware that they will not be allowed to walk, run, cycle or use boats during the lock down period.
    It might be advisable to send a clear message regarding the dos and donts during this period.

  5. Regarding the weak response to your call for monthly contributions. I suggest that if contributions are acknowledged by issuing receipts, both to donors and residents paying membership fees you may get a more enthusiastic response.

    • Definitely not a weak response an amazing response so far and coming in fast.
      We are working on (so much to do at the moment) a thank you board on our website for all the donations as they come in!

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