Car guards illegal says Ndlambe

by | Nov 15, 2019 | Blog, Security | 8 comments

The Kenton main street and parking areas have been battling with an ongoing car guard issue for several years now. Many members of the community have complained about them, detailing a variety of problems, including threats and aggression.

Guests at the House Quarters have recently complained about car guards operating after hours on and around the car parking area, often harassing them as late as 20:00 when they return to the guest house for the night.

I met this week with Mr Kasmeni from Ndlambe Municipality with regards to the car guards operating in Kenton. Mr Kasmeni confirmed that Ndlambe By-Laws state that car guards are not allowed to operate within their jurisdiction without permission being granted by the municipality.

PLEASE NOTE: Ndlambe has NOT given permission for any car guard to operate in Kenton.

In addition, Mr Kasmeni has met with the ‘car guards’ and informed them that their operation is illegal.

We would appreciate your support in NOT supporting the illegal car guards.

Adrian Purdon
KOSRA Committee
Infrastructure & Maintenance Portfolio

37. Parking attendants
(1) No person may, in exchange for money or some other thing of value or in anticipation thereof:
(a) direct the operator or occupant of a motor vehicle to a public parking space: or
(b) provide any other parking or related services in a public place.



  1. Three cheers! One nuisance less!

  2. Well done to KOSRA for dealing with the car guard issue.

  3. Thank you
    Let’s hope this helps visitors and residents of Kenton.
    We will see on our return to Kenton in January.

  4. I hope this goes for the ‘gillies’ who try and help with launching boats.

  5. The police are aware of these by laws as are some of the public
    Notices to this effect in strategic visible places were suggested
    It seems as if the community and business thought otherwise
    Loitering and begging in public areas is illegal
    Probably applies to those in the bush and against the housing complex wall across the road from the businesses closer to the exit of Kenton and other areas as well
    A suggestion is to clear the undergrowth and lift the tree canopies to head height

    • It’s so difficult not to give, even though it’s incredibly irritating to be bothered by ‘car guards’ or ‘gillies’, because they have no other chance of making a living. There you are, loading hundreds of rands of groceries into your car, about to head back to your holiday home, and you begrudge a poverty-stricken chap trying to avoid outright begging a R5.00 coin! The aggressive ones should of course be banned.

  6. Hi would it not be useful to put up signs advising visitors that the car guards are operating without the necessary permission from the municipality?

  7. Yes, put up notices re car guards operating without Municipal permission.

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