Kenton Crime on the Rise

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Below are the latest crime stats from Hi-Tec Security Coastal, for the month of September 2020, for Kenton-on-Sea, Bushman’s, Riversbend and Merryhill.

Date Day Time Area Description Arrests
1-Sep-2020 TUE 16H21 Kenton Intruder On Property O
3-Sep-2020 THU 17H10 Kenton Attempted House Break-In O
4-Sep-2020 FRI 14H33 Kenton Attempted House Break-In O
5-Sep-2020 SAT 17H50 Kenton Attempted House Break-In O
5-Sep-2020 SAT 21H31 Kenton Attempted House Break-In O
6-Sep-2020 SUN 07H12 Kenton Attempted House Break-In O
8-Sep-2020 TUE 13H52 Kariega View House Break-in O
8-Sep-2020 TUE 09H25 Kenton House Break-in And Theft O
10-Sep-2020 WED 03H16 Bushman’s House Break-in And Theft O
11-Sep-2020 FRI 19H53 Riversbend Attempted House Break-In O
12-Sep-2020 SAT 16H54 Merry Hill Theft O
15-Sep-2020 TUE 08H04 Kenton House Break-in O
15-Sep-2020 TUE 11H58 Kariega View Attempted House Break-In O
16-Sep-2020 WED 09H03 Bushman’s Theft O
16-Sep-2020 WED 11H05 Kenton House Break-in And Theft O
20-Sep-2020 SUN 02H37 Riversbend Car Break-In O
22-Sep-2020 TUE 14H53 Kenton House Break-in O
22-Sep-2020 TUE 08H15 Kenton House Break-in And Theft O
27-Sep-2020 SUN 09H15 Kenton House Break-in O
29-Sep-2020 TUE 12H33 Kenton House Break-in And Theft O
29-Sep-2020 TUE 10H36 Kenton House Break-in O
30-Sep-2020 WED 09H04 Kenton House Break-in O


Kenton-On-Sea, in particular, is being targeted where attempted housebreaking and theft is disappointingly, on the rise!

We are seeing opportunists engaging in ruthless behaviour, taking shady liberties to invade peoples homes. Petty theft for items that can be resold for cheap cash (and/or for drug use). We are concerned that increasing desperation and risky attempts may result in rash behaviour and further crime in our area.

Please be extra vigilant. Make use of your house alarms, lock up and call Hi-Tec Security or the Police if you feel the need to do so.

* Please note that if your suburb or area isn’t mentioned, it means that there were no crimes that we responded to or were aware of during this time period.

KOSRA, working for you


  1. On the 5th Sept at 21.31 my garage was broken into and a grass trimmer was stolen.
    The reported incident in the table published is not accurate.
    Not a great arrest record.

  2. It is interesting to note that the majority of break-ins and attempted break-ins are during daylight hours. It would be interesting to know if the premises were permanent residents/holiday tenants or unoccupied premises.
    It could be that we are not locking our homes properly, using casual workers or not being vigilant in reporting suspicious people in our suburbs during daylight hours

  3. we pay taxes to support the SAPS and then we pay extra for a security firm.
    no arrests.
    is it possible that the thieves are smarter than the law enforcement personnel.
    a concern is that it always seems to be a reaction effort with no pro-action plans that are evident ????

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