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We are trying to be more proactive and less reactive. We are trying to get our ducks in a row. So for the Easter and Christmas Holidays next year we want to be able to plan ahead.

Did you know that – the SECURITY FUND pays for extra guarding for the whole of the December Festive Season – we do this so you and your visitors can sleep, eat and play in safety? Hi Tec and SAPS do not have the resources to adequately protect us all during this time, so every year the SECURITY FUND finds enough money to pay for extra 24 hour security patrols in and around Kenton.

Our thanks to those who contribute a monthly amount to the security fund. But for the 2019/20 Festive Season we require an extra R220 000.00 and our coffers are bare! Especially as we still owe KOSRA R90 000 that they advanced us last season.

So unless we’re able to raise this amount in the next couple of months we won’t be able to provide fully adequate security measures to keep Kenton comfortable this holiday time. This is especially serious for all the businesses, Guest Houses, B&B’s and residents who rent out their property to visitors.

With this in mind we would like to encourage more residents and businesses to contribute to the SECURITY FUND by way of a R150 monthly contribution.

We know a few of you already do this – and we really are most grateful – but we need many more than just a few!

A monthly debit order of R150 from all would stop us from having to beg for the money.

That’s not to say that a donation wouldn’t be welcomed but a monthly contribution by many would give us the funding to be able to forward plan.

Click here to go to our main security page – bank details are listed here

Be Observant! Be Safe!

Mark Moses & the Security Team


  1. Morning

    Perhaps we could get monthly feedback on security issues or any crime reported.

    Thank you

  2. Thank you for all the updates on Kenton your hard work is greatly appreciated.

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