To all Kenton Home Owners and Residents


I am writing to provide you with feedback on security matters in Kenton during the holiday season plus to appeal to you all to continue supporting our efforts to maintain a safe and secure environment in 2019.

From the statistics available to us and from feedback received from residents and holiday makers the security efforts were indeed very successful. I should like to thank SAPS, Hi-tech and the security team for their tireless efforts over this period.

The success achieved was driven, I believe, through two key aspects;

  • Community involvement in reporting suspicious activity
  • Financial support for key initiatives such as visible guarding to protect all access points into Kenton over the holiday season.

The security team will do everything in our power to ensure that the momentum accomplished over the holiday period will continue throughout the year; to achieve this we rely on the continued support of the residents.

We have 900 registered homes in Kenton and if we spread the load between us all we will be able to maintain the stability of security in Kenton. So I appeal to you all to make a contribution to the security efforts.

There are some incredible folk in Kenton who are always gracious with their donations to support our community.  I would like to acknowledge their continued financial support which contributes hugely to make Kenton not only a secure place to live but also a safe holiday destination.

I have drawn up this budget so you can appreciate the extent of financial support required. The team has a budget of R450 000.00 to support the following key activities:

  • R110 000.00 for additional guarding Easter holidays 2019
  • R220 000.00 for additional guarding December 2019
  • R125 000.00 for 10 x cameras @ R7500 each
  • R50 000.00 for the operational requirements

Before closing, I would like to provide feedback on the specific incidents below that occurred in 2018 and were of great concern to the community. This info was supplied directly from SAPS Kenton

  • Cannon Rocks – all arrested
  • Alan Jardine: Rivers Bend – sensitive ongoing interlinked to other incidents
  • Di Groenenburg – an arrest has been made court case pending
  • Eugene: garage owner – investigation pending
  • SASSA grant heist at GPO – investigation is very sensitive
  • Dolphin Nursing Home – nothing new to report

It is important that you know that we have learnt lessons from these incidents and are aligning our efforts accordingly to try to prevent reoccurrences.

If there are any incidents you would like me to look into please contact the email below and I will gladly assist. I encourage feedback and constructive suggestions on security matters and to this end you can email me at

Details for joining KOSRA or making a special contribution to security are included with this letter.

Till my next update in March, best wishes,
Mark Moses


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