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by | Aug 28, 2019 | Blog, Security | 1 comment

Security is a conundrum, a mystery, a challenge!

Social media gives individuals the ability to disseminate information at a click of a button.  This information disbursement on social media often occurs before the Police or Security Company, who you pay to combat crime, have been notified! So if you are the first to see, or are the recipient of, a criminal activity please make sure you report it to the correct authorities before posting it on social media.

However, as social media platforms are here to stay so we need to learn to work and live with them.

One such platform is the Security Kenton WhatsApp Group. This is a forum for reporting incidents for us to act on and it is a fantastic way for us to have eyes and ears everywhere! 

To join the Security Kenton WhatsApp Group group, email your name, surname and mobile number to

Please note:

  • NO comments or discussion are allowed on the group. The group ‘admins’ police this vociferously.
  • Don’t be afraid to post if you see something suspicious! We would rather be safe than sorry!


And please remember, there’s an enormous amount of work going on by the security team in the background, don’t assume that if you hear of an incident on social media, that we don’t already know and are working on it!

Keep safe!

1 Comment

  1. Thank you for the very informative blogs, as a non-permanent Kentonite, its nice to know whats happening all through the year. Keep up the good work.

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