Builders Beware

by | Sep 11, 2019 | Blog, Building and Town Planning | 8 comments

We have noticed numerous instances of severe damage to roads and pavements in Kenton caused by heavy trucks and earth-moving equipment operating and unloading outside properties where there are building works.

It has consequently been agreed with Ndlambe Municipality, that in future, no CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY will be issued in terms of Section 14 of the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act of 1977, until all damage to the street and pavement outside the erf has been repaired to the satisfaction of the Building Control Officer.

Incidents of road and pavement damage by trucks at building sites can be reported to KOSRA and Mrs Vithi Masiza and to the Building Control Officer



  1. Fully support this initiative. It is critical that Ndlambe also follow the same discipline of repairing payments and roads when they have undertaken repairs to infrastructure. My experience is that they will repair a leaking pipe or dig a trench for some other reason and that they leave the site with doing any rehabilitation work.

  2. A good plan that I support.
    We must insist that the repair be properly done;
    Hole properly cleaned out and cut square with appropriate depth.
    Filling well stamped with bitumen mixture applied at a warm temperature.

    In other words we want a permanent repair and not a bit of cent thrown over the top.

  3. Dear KOSRA

    Donkin Drive is an absolute disgrace with all the pot holes.As a consequence of many building projects in progress vans, trucks, cement mixers, bricks, sand and stone are partially in the road making it impossible for two cars to pass in places. I would like to know how KOSRA or Ndlambe would be able to determine if the road damage was caused by the property where the building work is in progress; secondly if a renovation is taking place does the owner actually require a certificate of occupancy?

    • Not only Donkin rd but also van der Stel road. It’s completely ruined from all the building trucks.

      • We have notified the municipality.

  4. It is a fact that all of the roads in Kenton are in a poor condition. This includes River Road which was re-paved with little regard for specifications or good pavement design. It is a fact that an owner has the obligation to ensure that the builder restores the road frontage of the property to the same state as it was when the activity of storing the building materials commenced. There is no correlation between issuing an occupation certificate (which is a bye law requirement and is essential if the owner wants to adequately insure the property) and the state of the road post the activity unless it was examined and recorded prior to the activity.

  5. Donkin Drive is an absolute disgrace and it is definitely due to all the construction. How do we as the residence of this road get it repaired?

  6. Agreed Donkin Drive in urgent need of repair and the people do not obey the speed limit… Any chance of speed humps?

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