Building noise in Kenton

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We seem to be in a bit of a building boom in Kenton at the moment; which, considering the state of the nation, must say something for our quiet and peaceful sanctuary!

However, for those who live here, what it does say is NOISE! And lots of if! Not that we really mind, as growth is good for the economy and the sustainability of our village by the sea. The trouble is that it goes on and on and doesn’t stop – not even on a Sunday!

We have received many complaints of excessive noise from building operations over weekends and even early in the morning. This includes hammering, electric saws, angle grinders and machinery, such as concrete mixers and earth-moving equipment.

The Ndlambe Public Nuisance By-Laws prohibit any person from:

  • disturbing the comfort, peace or quiet of other people by the use of electrical appliances or machinery; and
  • at any time disturbing the public peace by making unseemly noises in any manner whatsoever

So what can we do about it? How can we make the builders stop for just one day a week so we can have a peaceful Sunday?

  1. Request the offenders to desist – if they don’t
  2. Lay a charge with the police “contravention of Section 3 of the Ndlambe Prevention of Public Nuisance and Keeping of Animals By-Law.”
  3. Use our collective voice to encourage Ndlambe to ban building noise on a Sunday

What do you think? Your comments please.



  1. A difficult issue.
    One must please consider the case where the owner embarks on a DIY project, for his own benefit.
    This may include the use of equipment, saws, grinders impact drills and concrete mixers.

    I personally use these machines, during week ends when time permits. But as general rule I restrict the use to reasonable hours. Generally stop noisy activities by 18h30. And only start in the morning after 09h00 to ensure neighbors can get their sleep in.

    Hobby activites (wood working) can also create noise, but if we all apply limited noise after 18h30, then we can all work together

  2. Fully agree there should be NO building noise on Sundays along with NO grass cutting.

  3. The building site operated by Cannon Rocks opposite 54 Westbourne has been a noise nightmare. It can start as early as 6.30 am, and is frequently going full blast on Saturdays and public holidays – and even Sundays.

    At keast the workers are no longer urinating on the pavement and inside the site in public view (next to but not in the portaloo) since I threw my toys shortly after work began.

    And I hugely resent the total disregard for our speed limit displayed byt most if not all builders!!!

  4. I believe building work should not be allowed on a Sunday or on public holidays.
    On other days it should not be allowed between 8.00 and 17.00.
    I have no problem with hobbyists working on Sundays or public holidays as long as they show due regard for their neighbors and keep noise levels to a minimum.

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